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Hiya! I absolutely LOVE drawing! I'm constantly trying to improve on my art skills and hope to be a professional artist someday. I mostly do a lot of traditional art (that I'm unable to post x.x) But I also do some digital art when I can ^w^

Check out these amazing closed species! >w<

Gleamstic [Closed Species Guide] - 20.03.2017 by Cyleana and  Skelefaun [Closed Species Guide] - WIP by Cyleanaby Cyleana 

Shi no Baku Official Trait List by REDs33sALL collab species by REDs33sALL and GloomyFawn

Flower Naga LoreFlower Nagas are a closed species by Lady-Abbington , you may not make your own!
The unhappy resultant of experiments with poisonous snakes and plants that induced similar effects in humans, these nagas are all that remain of several unwilling test subjects--humans transformed into mutant creatures with scaly skin, pointed ears, and fangs. There are both male and female, but only two of the same serpent or plant “kind” can mate, which creates new subspecies of nagas with new traits. 
Each naga possesses a snake’s body below the waist and some form of flowering antlers, which we shall call plantlers. A single pair of plantlers is considered common. Two or more plantlers are considered uncommon, a single horn by itself is rare, and a crown or wreath is legendary. There have been occurrences of plants growing elsewhere on the body, but this is considered a mutation. There is no rarity on the plant type, but it will always correspond to the snake with which it i
 by Lady-Abbington 

Seraphym [Closed Species]Update 12.22.16: 
Info on additional wings and halos added under "Secondary Traits." Pre-existing owners can choose to make the additions to their Seraphym or opt out.Incomplete MYOs should add additional wings and/or halos to their designs as necessary.All future Seraphym will, in most cases, include the additional wings and halos.
The Realm of Seraphyx was created by the godly powers-that-be for the sole purpose of bringing similar species together under one world. The hope was that said species would learn to coexist peacefully and have a safe haven to spend their lives in. Whether they reside in a castle in the sky or in one of the rich forests, all those living in this paradise of angels, mermaids, and other mythical creatures call the Realm of Seraphyx their beloved home.

The Seraphym were the first species
 by SilverAngel907 

Seriously guys, we need to help make them grow because they're all so awesome *^* 
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